Quality Customers. Delivered Fresh to Your Doorstep.

Partnering with Tunnll through ShopTrips brings you business from near and far by giving your paying customers a free ride.

Be everybody’s next door neighbor.

With ShopTrips by Tunnll, your store is just a few steps away from anyone in town: using our app, customers will be picked up near their doors and delivered to yours.

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You only pay when our riders come to you.

ShopTrips offers a variety of payment structures to best suit your business, but we never make a cent until you do.

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Everything they want, when they want it.

From open until close, ShopTrips makes comfortable, reliable transportation available to your customers for less than the cost of an ice cream.

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The shortest distance between two points is Tunnll.

A quick tapdance through our smartphone app and customers are on their way from anywhere to you.

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We work with whims.

Tunnll responds to your customer’s ride requests in less time than it takes to remember where the car is parked, making it convenient to come and go—and spend—often.

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What is Tunnll?

Tunnll is like having a local transportation planner in your pocket, custom-tailoring your bus route using virtual stops. Our app removes all of the guesswork and most of the legwork from using social transit, while maintaining the lovely price and the other benefits: professional drivers who riders can rely on, no need to fight over parking spots, and plenty of legroom for the entire crew.

Tunnll users input their origin and destination, and the bus comes to meet them, delivering them to the doorsteps of shops, offices, and Grandma’s house, all for less than the cost of one private ride.

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What is the ShopTrips program?

So, Tunnll is wonderful. But how can you use the app to attract new customers, or make your current customers happier? Enter ShopTrips. By partnering with us through this program, you can see an increase in sales with no initial investment. We’ll work with you to come up with a pricing scheme, but for the customer it’s simple: free rides.

Someone using Tunnll to catch a ride to a participating venue’s virtual stop will be notified that she can present her ticket at the register for a full refund, once she makes a purchase in your shop. You only pay us if the rider becomes your customer, and we handle reimbursing all of those trips to your place.

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