Smart Mobility System

Tunnll is a sustainable urban transit technology aimed at making high-quality urban transportation accessible and attractive to a wide range of social groups and to enable growth by promoting car-free lifestyles. It optimises walking routes and location of bus stops allowing buses to stop only at dynamic meeting points with guaranteed passengers for a much more efficient use of town’s resources.

Lead Responsibily

At Tunnll we want to be involved with projects that matter which is why we always make sure our technology has a deep social impact. At an age of unprecedented awareness towards world issues such as global warming, overpopulation and social disparities, we always try to focus on real problems, experienced by real people.

The extent of our projects isn’t limited to lines of code or the engineering behind our systems. We believe we have the responsibility to make people’s lives better through software development and engineering and we invite all of those who share this mission to follow and get involved with us.