Waiting at the bus stop

Tunnll is a smart urban transport service that allows you to order a bus with a smartphone and go anywhere in town, whenever you need it.

Get ready to join the pilot service.

We are gradually rolling out a BETA version of the app for early users.

You are invited.

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The entire town from your phone.

More than a bus ride
Unlike regular public transport, Tunnll allows you to order a bus ride when you need it. No more waiting at bus stops.

No more rigid timetables
With Tunnll you no longer need to plan your day around a timetable that doesn't fit your schedule. We'll adapt to you!

For all your traveling needs
Going to school? Late for work? Maybe a quick visit to the local coffeeshop? Tunnll is affordable and adaptable to all your daily routines.

How it works

Order your ride with the app
Simply tell us where you want to go, sit back and relax. We'll tell you when to leave.

Get directions all the way to the destination
Our app tells you where the closest meeting point is, notify you with the right bus stop and send you walking directions.

Free up your time, enjoy your moment
You're here! Tunnll gets you to your destination efficiently by cutting waiting times and reducing walking distances.