Internship – Cross Platform Mobile Developer

We are looking for IT, Computer Science and Software Engineering students and graduates who would like to enter the industry. This internship is flexible, which means that you can continue your studies while doing this internship.

General description

This internship is the first step towards the full-time Cross Platform Mobile Developer position at our company.

The candidates who have completed the internship successfully get a fast-track to the interview for the full-time position without the need to fill any forms or complete any introductory tasks.


  1. The only skill required is your ability to learn new technologies and implement them in your work.
  2. Desired, but optional skills: Xamarin, MVVMCross, .NET, Azure, C#, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Services.

How the internship is organized

General internship requirements.

Please, refer to the General internship requirements here.


The internship is organized into 3 phases: Introduction, Self-learning and Paid internship with the team.

Phase 1: Introduction.

Deadline: None.

Reporting: As per the General internship requirements.

Teaching assistance: None.

Compensation: None.

Task: Sign up for the free Xamarin University Mobile Training for Visual Studio Dev Essentials package and complete all the free Self-Guided courses (along with free lectures). This should be verified with screenshots from your account. Once completed, include this information in your daily email report.

Phase 2: Self-learning.

Deadline: None.

Reporting: As per the General internship requirements.

Teaching assistance: None.

Compensation: None, but the book purchase might be reimbursed if the whole internship is completed successfully.

Task: Purchase the Xamarin in Action book (might be reimbursed by the company) and use it to develop a simple cross-platform Xamarin application strictly according to this specification. Each and every MVVMCross concept from the book should be implemented in your application.

Once completed, send an email to

  • Subject: Xamarin in Action – Completed – (Your full name)
  • Email body: Your full name, Internship name (Digital Marketing & PR, Software Engineering, etc.), the links to all the demo application deliverables.

If your deliverables are good, you might be contacted to join the next phase of the internship. We reserve the right not to respond to emails.

Phase 3: Paid internship with the team.

Duration: 1-3 months.

Reporting: As per the General internship requirements.

Teaching assistance: Yes, from a developer in the team.

Compensation: Around 500 EUR monthly for a full-time internship.

Tasks: A wide range of tasks including planning, design, development, and maintenance of production-running and customer-facing cross-platform mobile applications.

How to apply

As per the General internship requirements, you can start your internship by simply sending your first email report. The first email report confirms your internship and records the start date of the internship.