Tunnll concludes its first Spanish pilot project at La Bisbal del Penedès

Spain / Sweden / United Kingdom – November 2018 – Tunnll, an international smart transportation systems startup, has successfully concluded its first Spanish pilot project, at La Bisbal del Penedès, a town in the province of Tarragona, Catalonia. 

The goal of the project was to provide full public transportation services and demonstrate how Tunnll can improve passenger mobility, reduce waiting times and improve the quality of life for La Bisbal del Penedès’ population of 3,500.  

Tunnll’s disruptive technology collects real-time passenger data and adapts the existing public transport network several times a day to fit current and predicted passenger demand. The technology used also helps drivers by making transport more efficient, reducing the number of empty buses and removing the need to slow down near empty bus stops.  

Francisco, one of our drivers during the pilot, had the following to say: “Before Tunnll, some passengers had to wait up to an hour for their bus so a system that keeps adjusting to their needs can really make a difference. You can really feel it as a driver. You’re constantly picking up new passengers and dropping them exactly where they need to go.” You can read the full story of our drivers’ Francisco and Mari Carmen’s first-hand experiences here. 

The pilot’s results were particularly promising, with waiting times in La Bisbal del Penedès decreasing from 1 hour to 15 to 20 minutes, ridership increasing by approximately 400% over the course of the project and a total of 2652 passengers transported by Tunnll. 

The first Spanish pilot also demonstrated the importance of Tunnll’s technology for an environmentally sustainable future, encouraging a car-free lifestyle. By making public transportation easier and more convenient for passengers, Tunnll hopes to introduce a paradigm shift in urban mobility, helping up to 150 small cities around the world to reduce transport-generated CO2 emissions by up to 50% in the next 10 years. You can find out more about Tunnll’s social impact through climate action, powered by EIT Climate-KIC Spain here. 

La Bisbal del Penedès follows an initial test in Härnösand, Sweden, through a pilot project in collaboration with Björks & Byberg and Malmö University and approved by Swedish government agency for innovation, Vinnova 

Tunnll accepted into Microsoft for Startups program

Spain / Sweden / UK, October 2018 — Tunnllan international smart transportation systems startup, was approved for Microsoft for Startups, an exclusive program that delivers best-in-market cloud services to the top startups in the world. 

Microsoft for Startups was designed to replace the BizSpark program and to provide startups with Microsoft Azure cloud service credits and sales support. Azure is not only important in building reliable IT infrastructures for early-stage startups but is also used by large companies such as GEVolvo3M or NBC.

According to Charlotte YarkoniMicrosoft’s Corporate Vice President of Growth and Ecosystems, “the program provides dedicated resources to prepare startup marketing and sales teams to effectively sell their cloud solutions to enterprise organizations in partnership with Microsoft’s global sales organization and partner ecosystem.”

Microsoft for Startups will continue enabling Tunnll to build its IT infrastructure and to communicate efficiently with passengers and partners. The industry leader for disruptive innovation for enterprise will also benefit from the partnership by boosting its cloud computing services through the growth of the startups accepted into program.

Tunnll is confident that its participation in the new Microsoft startup program will continue to reinforce the company’s position within the innovation industry and contribute towards its success.

Tunnll at Smart City Expo 2018, Japan

Spain / Sweden / UK October 2018 – Tunnll, an international smart transportation systems startup, was amongst the top 3 most promising startups invited to participate at Smart City Expo 2018, in Japan.

Tunnll’s presence at the event was organised by Barcelona Activa, ATR and the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo and allowed the company to demonstrate the social impact and efficiency of its next-gen public transportation system for smart cities.

CEO Kirill Blazhko was recently featured in an article authored by Carlos Manzano for Spanish newspaper El Llobregat where he described how the company’s smart mobility system can optimise public transport within small cities. The article covers a range of other topics such as the differences between Tunnll and other on demand transportation apps and Tunnll’s first trial in Spain, at La Bisbal del Penedès. We recommend you read the article’s full version, in Spanish, at “El Llobregat: El Baix viaja a Japón de la mano de Tunnll”.

The trial comes after an initial test in Härnösand, Sweden through a pilot program in collaboration with Björks & Byberg and Malmö University and approved by Swedish government agency for innovation, Vinnova.

Tunnll’s attendance at Smart City Expo 2018 follows several successful results in 2017 with the first place at the IoT Innovation World Cup and the recognition by the European Commission as one of the top proposals for Transport and Mobility Solutions.

Intelligent mobility for small European cities comes closer to the reality

Spain / Sweden / UK, December 2017 – Tunnll, an international startup, currently  implementing next-generation technology to transform public transport bus services into smart mobility systems in European cities, releases its report with the integrated picture of 2017 results.

We are pleased to announce that in 2017 our pilot program, in collaboration with bus transport operator Björks&Byberg and Malmö University is approved by Vinnova, Sweden’s government agency for innovation and the City of Härnösand in Sweden. The pilot aims to demonstrate that Tunnll can help public transportation providers in small towns to serve 15% more passengers with the same buses and drivers typically found in the industry.

“It was natural to invite Härnösand to this cooperation. The municipality has previously shown goodwill to develop a modern public transport.”, says Tomas Byberg, CEO of Björks&Byberg AB.

In March 2017 Tunnll won the IoT Innovation World Cup 2017 which took place at the heart of the 2017 Mobile World Congress. Tunnll’s intelligent mobility solution was selected from a pool of over 400 submissions and declared the winner in the category of Mobile Solutions for Transport & Logistics & Surveillance.

In June 2017 Tunnll was recognized by the European Commission as one of the 20 best proposals for Transport and Mobility solutions in the context of the European Transport Innovation Challenge 2017.

In September 2017, Tunnll was chosen as one of the finalists of PostVenture Swiss Post’s Innovation Programme which aims to build the partnership between PostAuto and innovation startups capable of enhancing the quality of public transportation in Switzerland. This potential partnership between PostAuto and Tunnll creates a great opportunities to improve the public transportation system in more than 50 Swiss small towns and to get new customers for the famous Swiss Post’s yellow buses.

In November 2017 Tunnll was chosen as one of the finalists of the Copernicus Accelerator 2016 which took part during the European Space Week in Tallinn. The European Space Week aims to foster interactions between space and the digital community and researches possible ways to use space technology within a context of IoT and smart mobility in Europe and beyond.

2017 was also the start of Tunnll’s project in the UK. Supported by Transport Systems Catapult, Tunnll established a presence in the United Kingdom to explore the British market. The Catapult Programme is provided by the UK government to enhance the country’s capability for innovation in specific areas, including smart mobility and transportation. Under this new agreement, Tunnll, under the aegis of Transport System Catapult, intends to participate in the innovative growth of transportation systems in the UK.

The main driver for Tunnll is its high potential for social impact making it the main reason to continue to deploy its smart mobility technology at the forefront of the European innovative community. Tunnll’s goal is to ultimately provide the best affordable solutions so that each European citizen can gain easy access to high-quality public transportation in small towns.

One step closer to a far-reaching partnership in smart mobility        

Spain / Sweden / UK, December 2017 — Tunnll, a Barcelona-based innovative startup, which aims to create a new vision of public transportation systems, announces its success in the competition to become a collaborator with the legendary PostBus of Switzerland operated by Swiss Post.

Tunnll was selected amongst the top ten winners for 50.000 CHF in funding as a part of PostVenture Swiss Post’s innovation programme in Switzerland. The program aims to build a partnership with innovative startups capable of enhancing the quality of public transportation in Switzerland.

“Swiss Post is a strong partner for start-ups. With VentureLab, we can establish close ties outside of Swiss Post and join forces with our partners. We are very interested in working closely with innovative minds and lateral thinkers whose ideas will help us to expand or add to our existing business areas” says Claudia Pletscher, Head of Development & Innovation at SwissPost.

Tunnll looks forward to the collaboration with PostAuto on market research and market validation in Switzerland in 2018. It will evaluate possibilities for a start of a small-scale pilot project based on Tunnll’s technology. The analogous pilot program delivered by Tunnll in collaboration with Björks&Byberg and Malmö University, with the support of Vinnova Agency and Drive Sweden innovation program is currently under preparation in the City of Härnösand in Sweden.

Tunnll believes that a co-creation partnership between PostAuto and Tunnll will lead to great opportunities to improve the public transportation system in more than 50 Swiss small towns.

Getting stronger by making use of the leader’s strong support

Spain / Sweden / UK, November 2017 — Tunnll, a Barcelona-based startup, which innovates in the public transportation markets, announces its approval for the BizSpark program by Microsoft Corporation.

On November 9, 2017, Tunnll was approved for the BizSpark program, a premier program designed to help startups succeed by giving free access to Microsoft Azure cloud services, software, training classes and support by Microsoft Corporation.

Though the Microsoft Azure cloud platform is being successfully used by large companies such as GE, NBC, Volvo and others, it also opens new perspectives for early-stage startups.

“Azure is not only for the big boys. Startups also need to get their core business off the ground and deploy intelligent solutions with little investment in the IT infrastructure. They need to deliver products to their customers as quickly as possible, and they need Azure for this even more than the big companies do.”, says Cindy Dam, TeskaLabs’ Marketing & Community Manager, a member of the BizSpark Plus program.

Driven by the will to act efficiently in the global markets, Tunnll intends to build the reliable IT infrastructure by making use of Microsoft software and support. It will enable the company to provide a high-quality service to the customers and to build an effective communication with the partners.

Tunnll expresses its strong confidence that its participation in BizSpark will surely strengthen the company’s position in the innovative community and contribute to the company’s success.