General internship requirements

General approach

  • The working and communication language of this internship is English, if not specified otherwise. If your internship title contains a country name, the official language of that country should be used as the working and communication language of the internship.
  • The internship process is very well documented. Please, make sure that you have read this document thoroughly before sending us any questions.
  • When we talk about deadlines, a “week” means a calendar week, i.e. 7 calendar days.
  • Each task employs a set of custom-tailored reading sources that will help you to complete the task. If a reading source (article, book, link, blog post, etc.) contains some practical exercises, all of them should be completed and saved to your personal cloud file storage (or Github account) before completing the actual task.
  • Each task is very well documented. Make sure you have read all the links, footnotes and references before asking any questions.

Starting the internship

  • Create an empty folder in any cloud file storage service (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.) and include a clickable share link in all your reports.
  • For developers: Create an empty GitHub repository (internship repository) and include a clickable link to it in all your reports.

Daily reports

  • Daily progress reports are mandatory during this internship.
  • Daily progress reports should start from day 1 of the internship.
  • The internship reports should be sent to This is unattended mailbox, your questions sent to it will remain unanswered. It will be used however to check that you have made email reports every day during the internship.
  • Software developers: In addition to the daily email reports you are expected to do at least 1 commit to your internship repository daily, this will be inspected when assessing your internship.
  • Each email report is simply a short email message. It should contain a few sentences about the current progress on the assigned tasks.
  • Reports should be done daily, except the weekends and local holidays in the country of residence of the intern (you should inform us about those holidays at least 3 working days in advance).
  • The deadline for doing the daily report is 23:59 your local time for the day you are reporting about.
  • A missed daily report automatically terminates the internship.
  • Email subject for all email reports: “Internship report – [Your name] – date – type of internship (software, business, marketing&pr, etc.) – number of the day of the internship”
  • Each email report should include a recent (updated) link to your cloud file storage (or Github account) with deliverables.
  • Report example: “Today I read about async in the Xamarin in Action book and found out that…”

Other internship conditions

  • The Internship shall be performed solely in a “remote work and communication” fashion, which means that the Intern is not obliged to visit the Company office or to be present at the Company office to perform the Internship, instead the Intern is welcome to work from any remote location that is suitable for the Intern. The Intern shall use the Internet connectivity tools to communicate with the Company to perform the Internship Services; such tools shall be settled on by an oral agreement between the Company and the Intern (e.g. Skype, VoIP, Slack, email, Jabber, bug-tracker, etc.).
  • Any and all travel costs, out-of-pocket expenses, workplace setup expenses, Internet connection expenses and any other expenses related the Internship which may be incurred by the Intern while performing the Internship Services shall be solely covered and paid by the Intern.
  • In the event the Intern breaches any of the rules or regulations of this Internship or any act of serious misconduct, the mentor and supervisor of the Intern reserves the right to terminate this Agreement without prior notice to the Intern.
  • The Intern is not allowed to claim that he/she has taken or is taking the Internship with the Company without a duly signed Internship Certification Letter in any communication, including, but not limited to email, CV, chat, mobile messengers, LinkedIn, etc.

Getting help

If you think you need help, do as follows:

  • Carefully re-read the task description, make sure you have understood the task correctly.
  • If the previous step does not help, copy the text you are not sure about (Error text for software engineers, definitions for all the others) and try to perform a problem research with Google/DuckDuckGo.
  • If the previous step does not help, create a detailed question in regards to your problem and post it on a respective site of the StackExchange network (some useful sites are Software Engineering, Graphic Design, UX, Startups (business-related), English Language and Usage and Writers among others). Your question should contain links to resources that you have found during your problem research.