October 30, 2018 By Tunnll

On the road with Tunnll’s drivers

The benefits in using Tunnll’s technology tend to be associated with public transport networks in small cities or the improvement in the quality of life for its citizens. There is, however, another segment that greatly benefits from the increase in efficiency Tunnll brings to public transport: drivers. 

We took some time to sit down with Francisco and Mari Carmen, our drivers during our La Bisbal del Penedès pilot project, and asked them a few questions. We were interested in understanding the main differences between Tunnll and previous transport operators they had worked with and, of course, what improvements they considered Tunnll had brought to the town’s public transport.  

Tunnll’s technology is mainly felt by those using the service to get to their destinations, but what about those behind the wheel? The first thing we asked the two people responsible for making sure our passengers got quickly and safely to their destination was to compare Tunnll with their past experiences and in what way the technology helped them in their day-to-day.

“You can’t, really. All the other companies I’ve worked with were bus companies that moved passengers from one stop to another, on a predetermined schedule. Tunnll is different in the sense that it’s a software company that also happens to operate buses. The service is a lot more flexible, dynamic and focused on the passenger instead of the route.”

“If I compare it with my past experiences, the best thing is that while driving Tunnll’s passengers you constantly feel like you are adapting to the actual needs of the town. Tunnll processes all its passenger data in real-time and constantly improves the existing network giving us, drivers, the information we need to be more efficient. This makes you feel a lot more valued by your passengers since you’re almost an extension of the user interface. Tunnll was also very involved during the pilot at La Bisbal del Penedès and made sure all drivers were briefed and supported throughout the day.”

Moving to the quality of life improvements Tunnll brought to La Bisbal del Penedès citizens, both drivers were categorical:

“The main benefit for passengers is how convenient it is when you compare it to regular public transportation. With Tunnll, you can order a bus anytime, wherever you are in town. No walking to bus stops or waiting in line. No having to check when the next bus is coming and no walking to your destination since you get dropped right at the door. It really does increase the quality of life for passengers moving around town.”

Finally, we wanted to go over the results for our first Spanish pilot program. More specifically, if Tunnll had improved public transportation significantly in La Bisbal del Penedès. 

“Absolutely. Before Tunnll, some passengers had to wait an hour for their bus so a system that keeps adjusting to their needs can really make a difference. You can really feel it as a driver.”

“You’re constantly picking up new passengers and dropping them exactly where they need to go. Tunnll’s booking system is also very easy to use and extremely convenient. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more people using the service to commute to work or school every day”

Francisco’s and Mari Carmen’s experiences helped us demonstrate how Tunnll’s technology can be used to improve the public transport networks in La Bisbal del Penedès and other towns around the world. We’re thankful for their part in making our first Spanish pilot program a success.