January 7, 2018 By Stoyan Atanasov

How to configure VSTS to use Espresso

Reading This Manual

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Configure VSTS to use Espresso for UI tests.

1. Add a Gradle task

  • Go to the Build and Release -> Build -> All Definitions -> Gated Build -> Edit.
  • Click on Add Task.
  • Search for Gradle and click Add.





2. Configure the task

  • In the Display Name field, type in gradlew connectedAndroidTest.
  • In the Tasks field, type in connectedAndroidTest.
  • Click Save


3. Build

Now, when the Gated Build definition is run, VSTS will perform the UI tests.

These UI tests have been implemented using Espresso and the Green Coffee library and are located in the app/src/androidTest directory.

Author: Nahom Abi